Why would you want to live in Albania

Living in Albania means understanding our rich culture and appreciating its natural beauty: the captivating shoreline, breathtaking mountains, and rolling fields. Albania also has four distinct seasons – wrap up warm and feel the cold of the winter, experience the inviting warmth of the spring and the summer, and admire the beauty of the Albanian autumn.

Arguably, we have the friendliest people in the world – you will be welcomed as a guest and respected for your value as a human being, not your status in society.
Why invest in Albania
Investing here is easy and has many benefits, for example low prices for electric bills, employee salaries, education, health, and food – just to name a few. Read our website to find out more about why you should invest in Albania.
Is Albania religious?
In Albania, religion is seen as a way of living and used as a force for good. It doesn’t matter if you follow Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism or even if you are an atheist; what matters is that you contribute to society and show mutual respect.