Taxes and fees
Obtaining the contracts with Utility Companies for the first buyer will cost Approx. €350
Contracts with Utility Companies:
(Value Added Tax)
Not applicable
Payable from the seller at 15% of the gained income, in the 15% of the difference between the sale value and purchase price.
Selling Tax
Legal Information
Even though Albania is a safe place to buy property with well-established property laws, we advise to treat property deals with a Lawyer and an experienced real - estate agent.
Legal Fees & Notary Fee
Important Considerations
Forms of ownership
Types of Tenure
You can own property as a sole owner or as a co-owner. It is possible to set up a limited company (Sh.p.k) or a public one (Sh.a)in Albania and this company can buy or own real estate as company property investments.
All property in Albania is bought on a freehold basis. Albania also has the concept of Condominium which is defined as property in a building where privately owned and communally owned elements exist side by side.

The rules determining the ownership rights of the communal elements are normally drawn up by Albanian Civil Code.
There are no special restrictions for foreigners owning property in Albania.
The agriculture land is prohibited to be bought by foreigners unless they establish a company in Albania.

In some areas, there are limitations aimed at protecting the environment, cultural heritage or setting land aside for military use. Additionally, there are various restrictions under family law and matrimonial property regime.
Depending on the complexity of the contract, lawyer’s fee will come around €300 to €700.
Who can buy in Albania
Legal Representation
Property registration tax , translation of the Contract with e certified translator, stamp tax will be rounded up at 0.7% - 0.8% of the value of the transaction.
714 -43.000:
43.000 - 107.000:
107.000 - 357.000:
357.000 - 714.000:
over 714.000: